Work/Industry Placements \

Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
  • Work Experience \

    Work experience functions as the first step for students into industry, helping them to gain valuable experience and knowledge in their chosen field. This can then lead to further, more comprehensive placements that will broaden their professional knowledge.

  • Work/Industry Placements \

    SWL allows students to gain hands-on skills related to the course they are studying at school. Employers provide training to assist students to master key competencies or skills. Placements for SWL can be undertaken in a range of modes e.g. one day a week or in week blocks.

  • School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) \

    SBATs are the same as normal apprenticeships and traineeships except that they are completed part-time whilst the young person continues their schooling, rather than being done full time.

SWL Portal \

The SWL Portal is an easy to use site that lists current placement opportunities in the Highlands Region. By clicking the link below, schools and students can explore available opportunities. They can easily be shared by students to Careers or Pathways Advisors at their home school. Opportunities are being added to the Portal on a regular basis, so be sure to keep checking for updates.

  • Students can undertake placements in a variety of industries and vocations.

  • Taking on an SWL placement not only benefits students, but local businesses as well.

  • Relationships and skills are fostered through SWL, by allowing young people and employers to connect and work together.

SWL Recognition \

Structured Workplace Learning Recognition (SWLR) allows students to gain credit into their VCE or VCAL for undertaking an SWL Placement that aligns with their VET Program. Use the link to find the correct SWLR booklet and see what’s required to receive credit.

Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) is a dynamic program that offers students aged fifteen to nineteen the opportunity to gain placement in local businesses or industry. The goal of this program is to increase on-the-job experience for young people who are considering different career pathways and connect them with local employers. By using the SWL Portal, which lists all of the available SWL placements throughout Ballarat students can see the range of options they can undertake with local employers. Sourcing appropriate placements for students that relate to their educational goals allows the SWL program to benefit VCE and VCAL students and businesses across the Highlands Region.

SWL assists students with gaining hands-on skills in the same industry as the VET program they are currently studying or as part of their VCAL, therefore increasing their vocation specific knowledge as well as industry contacts. Employers provide training for students when they undertake placement allowing them to practice key skills associated with the industry or vocation. SWL placements can be undertaken in a variety of modes, such as one day a week or a one-week block. These modes can be negotiated with businesses and Highlands LLEN to reach the most convenient arrangement for students and employers.

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Polly Britten (Left),
School-Employer Engagement and SWL Coordinator,
0400 564 839 or

Jenny Sheriff (Right),
School-Employer Engagement and Program Coordinator,
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