Publications \

Highlands LLEN produces several publications each year which explore various topics, projects and focuses. Our Annual Reports provide an overview of the work Highlands LLEN has undertaken in recent years and The Engagement Express is published bi-monthly with updates on this work and other topics and news of interest from the youth and education sectors.

Publications \

Annual reports \

The Engagement Express Newsletter \

The Engagement Express Newsletter is published Bi-Monthly and explores a range of the latest news, events, reports and opportunities from across the youth work and education sectors.

School Infographic Project 2019 \

The School Infographic Project maps the different areas in which schools from our region have engaged with our organisation throughout 2019. These statistics have been gathered and presented in infographics which have been distributed to each school involved.

"Yes You Can" Webinar Series 2020 \

The “Yes You Can” Webinar Series is made up of four virtual webinars which each focus on different industries and the pathways that can be taken by young people looking to enter these industries. Each webinar charts the stories of several local young people and the different ways they have reached their career goals.