Youth Advisory Board

Established in August 2018, the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) are agents of change in the Central Highlands Region. The YAB is a collective of fifteen young people who are all passionate about improving outcomes for young people in our community through leadership and advocacy. Members of the YAB act as leaders of change by providing advice to relevant organisations and departments about how to better address issues for children and young people. The YAB may also lead or collaborate on projects that aim to empower and advocate for young people – such as consultations, resources, events and more.

The YAB believe \

  • Young people are experts in their own lives and experiences
  • Young people’s participation in civic and community life is a human right
  • The voices of young people need to be amplified and connected to leaders
  • Youth-Adult partnerships are an important factor in systems change
  • Become a member of the YAB \

    Becoming part of the YAB provides opportunities to connect with other like-minded people, develop skills in advocacy and build on personal and professional connections. We accept expressions of interest from young people who live, work or study in the Central Highlands area.

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  • The YAB held the inaugural Spring in The Park event in Ballarat!

  • The YAB held a meeting to discuss the issues surrounding Youth Justice to support the #WorthASecondChance campaign

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Jenny Sheriff
School-Employer Engagement, Program Coordinator and YAB Coordinator

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