Networks \

Building communication and partnerships

Highlands LLEN has been integral in the creation of several networks which seek to support professionals in a variety of fields to come together to explore ideas, build relationships and foster communication across organisations and sectors. These relationships can result in further partnership development, building initiatives and collaborative advocacy.

Ballarat Youth Services Network (BYSN) \

The Ballarat Youth Services Network (BYSN) was established in May 2017 as a response to calls from the sector to establish a cross-sectoral Youth Services Network for the Ballarat area. BYSN’s Committee of Support was established with six members: Highlands LLEN, headspace Ballarat, BGT, City of Ballarat Youth Development, The Smith Family and Ballarat Community Health. Since its first meeting, BYSN’s co-designed focus has been on relationship building, networking and increasing opportunities for professionals in the Youth Services sector to share information, knowledge, skills and expertise. BYSN is a Network for anyone that works with or for young people, including those in the education sector. During 2020, the coordination of BYSN’s operation has been transferred from Highlands LLEN to Ballarat Community Health.

Secondary School Wellbeing Network \

The Secondary School Wellbeing Network has existed in its current format since May 2015. This Network is a partnership between School Focussed Youth Service, headspace Ballarat and the Highlands LLEN, who share organisational and coordinating roles. The purpose of this Network is to build sustainable relationships and pathways between school wellbeing staff, community organisations and other key stakeholders that provide support for young people at risk of disengaging from education.

The Network has a focus on information sharing as well as relationship and capacity building. Anyone working in a wellbeing role within a Secondary School, including Youth Workers, Counsellors, Nurses, Psychologists and those in positions of leadership relating to student wellbeing are welcome to attend. This Network is inclusive of all education sectors, including Government, Catholic, Independent and Flexible Learning Programs.

Flexible Learning Network \

The Flexible Learning Network (FLN) was established to support professionals who work within Flexible and Inclusive Learning programs, teaching and supporting young people who are not in mainstream education throughout the Highlands Region. FLN meets regularly to network, share ideas and information.
FLN also hosts the annual Flexible Learning Forum, an event which showcases new initiatives, reports, professional development and areas of interest for members of the network and other professionals working in education re-engagement.