GROW Ballarat \

Growing Regional Opportunities for Work

GROW Ballarat is a free Victorian Government Initiative designed to increase the success of local businesses and create career opportunities for GROW Communities in Ballarat. As one of five GROW regions, the program was launched in Ballarat in 2019. GROW Ballarat works with local businesses to foster social and economic development. This occurs through increased social and local procurement and the creation of employment pathways for GROW Communities.

GROW Ballarat works with local businesses to... \

  • Increase their percentage of local spend (versus money going outside of Ballarat)
  • Buy socially (using Indigenous owned businesses, social enterprise etc.)
  • Offer employment pathways
  • Employ from target groups wherever possible

GROW Ballarat supplies all the tools and connections to make these things possible.

GROW Ballarat offers local businesses... \

  • Access to a pool of local talent that may not have been considered
  • Full assistance in understanding and implementing social spend
  • A formula to help build the regional economy in which the business operates
  • Advertising on all GROW Ballarat media platforms
  • An easy and effective way to give back to the community

GROW Ballarat Wants You! \

GROW Ballarat is seeking individuals from the Ballarat region to join our Mentor Pool. As an important GROW Ballarat Mentor you will provide valuable support to job seekers with unique barriers to employment throughout our community. GROW Ballarat will train you in the basic skills and knowledge to be a valuable Mentor.

If you are interested in inspiring others, developing new relationships and helping people achieve their career goals, click through the link below for more information and get in touch!

  • Who do we help? \

    We create employment opportunities for individuals who face unique barriers to work. We focus on disengaged young people including young mums, female mature-age job seekers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. See the GROW Ballarat Regional Action Plan for more detail below.

  • GROW Ballarat Signatories \

    Businesses across Ballarat are invited to commit to the GROW Actions. Small changes to where they spend their money and their employment strategies can have a huge impact on our local community.

  • GROW Ballarat Partners \

    We partner with organisations that are working hard to create change consistent with the GROW Actions. By working together, our impact will be greater and more sustainable.

What are the four GROW Ballarat Actions? \

  • Spend Local

    Support local businesses to thrive and prosper in Ballarat by increasing local spend and providing opportunities for jobs growth.

  • Spend Social

    Support social spend, by building relationships between local businesses that benefit communities across Ballarat.

  • Offer Employment Pathways

    Facilitate the origination of traineeships, apprenticeships, work placements and work exposure opportunities to help train people for real and accessible employment opportunities. This means that job seekers will be equipped with the skills they require to meet job needs.

  • Employ from GROW Communities

    Focus on equitable access to employment and helping to create strong, skilled and inclusive communities.

GROW Ballarat Signatories and Partners \

Get in touch to find out more \