School-Employer Engagement \

Connecting secondary students with employers and industry

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has provided funding to Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENs) across Victoria for 2020-21, to develop partnerships which result in an increase in the number and range of school-employer engagement activities available in each LLEN region.  This includes:

  • Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) opportunities
  • School-based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT) opportunities
  • A range of activities based on labour market information and designed in consultation with local stakeholders such as schools, employers and industry representatives.

In recognition of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our ability to deliver the activities in the HLLEN annual Work Plan, a contract variation was provided to HLLEN by DET in May 2020.  This allowed for the following activities to also be undertaken:

  • Prioritisation of mandatory SWL placements
  • Support for VET delivery
  • Virtual school-employer engagement, and
  • Partnership brokerage and information distribution

Highlands LLEN will continue to play a vital role in establishing networks, collaborations and partnerships that facilitate the connection of young people to the initiatives that meet their needs and improve their prospects of engaging in education, training or employment.

  • BYSN \ 

    The Ballarat Youth Services Network is for any professional working with young people aged twelve to twenty-five. Click here for more information on our Networks.

  • Flexible Learning Forum \

    Highlands LLEN facilitates an annual Forum for professionals working in the Flexible learning sector. Click here for more information on our Events.

  • The Cook, The Chef & Us \

    The Cook, The Chef & Us is a partnership between Highlands LLEN, Daylesford College, Hepburn Health Service, School Focused Youth Service, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and the hospitality industry.

Our Work \

Promoting School-Employer engagement across the Highlands.
  • Resources

    Highlands LLEN has developed a reputation for producing well designed and evidence based resources.  In 2020-2021 our resources will focus on increasing young people’s knowledge of the world of work and will include a variety of formats such as presentations and curriculum aligned activities.  We are also committed to sharing quality resources produced by other Victorian LLENs and broader stakeholders.  

  • Engagement with Industry

    Those who are best equipped to inform and inspire young people are those who are passionate about their job and industry. The engagement of industry leaders, employers and employees is fundamental in building the aspirations of young people, providing lived experience perspectives and busting myths about industries and jobs.

  • Hands on Experiences

    As strong advocates of the benefits of Structured Workplace Learning, Highlands LLEN understands that there is nothing quite like experiencing a job first hand.  This is why we are committed to offering School-Employer Engagement activities that will enable young people to actively engage and gain a realistic feel for industries and jobs.

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Polly Britten
School-Employer Engagement and SWL Coordinator