School-Employer Engagement \

Joined-up Solutions to Joined-up Problems.

The Highlands LLEN brokers sustainable partnerships that aim to increase the rate of Secondary School aged young people in the Highlands Region who are engaged in education or training. This contributes to the overall aim of increasing the proportion of young people who stay in education and complete Year 12 or a vocational equivalent.

We broker sustainable partnerships that support schools and the broader community to:

  • Identify young people that have disengaged or are at risk of disengaging from education prior to completing Year 12 or a vocational equivalent.
  • Identify and provide support, education options and pathways to enable those young people to remain in education.

Highlands LLEN plays a vital role in establishing networks, collaborations and partnerships that facilitate the connection of young people to the initiatives that meet their needs and improve their prospects of engaging in education, training or employment.

  • BYSN \ 

    The Ballarat Youth Services Network is for any professional working with young people aged 12 to 25. Click here for more information on our Networks.

  • Flexible Learning Forum \

    Highlands LLEN facilitates an annual Forum for professionals working in the Flexible learning sector. Click here for more information on our Events.

  • The Cook, The Chef & Us \

    The Cook, The Chef & Us is a partnership between Highlands LLEN, Daylesford College, Hepburn Health Service, School Focused Youth Service, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and the hospitality industry.

Our Work Plans \

Promoting education engagement across the Highlands.
  • Education Disengagement

    In partnership with the Department of Education & Training (DET) Area office, secondary schools and other stakeholders, the goal of this Work Plan is to improve understanding of school disengagement and re-engagement in the Highlands Region. The activities within this Work Plan aim to strengthen re-engagement and improve attendance and participation, learning outcomes, levels of educational attainment and pathways from school to training and employment.

  • Hepburn Shire Pathways

    In partnership with key stakeholders within the Hepburn Shire, the goal of this Work Plan is to synergize schools, organisations, businesses, Council and community leaders to create and maintain a range of pathway options and aspirational development opportunities for school-aged young people in the Hepburn Shire.

  • Mental Health

    The physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms of mental health issues reduce young people’s capacity to learn and be authentically engaged at school. The aim of this Work Plan is to identify gaps in mental health support and service provision to students within the Highlands Region and investigate effective and sustainable partnership opportunities to address these gaps.

  • Vocational Education & Training (VET) Cluster

    The Highlands LLEN VET Cluster is a large partnership with a long history. To facilitate engagement with partners, improve access to and enrolment in VET courses, positively impact post-school outcomes for students and ensure provision reflects students, schools and employer needs, Highlands LLEN are undertaking a review of the VET Cluster to ensure its sustainability.

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Asha Buckmaster
Senior Project Leader - School-Employer Engagement